Mr Bee

When I was a kid we called these sweat bees.   Or, at least something that was very similar.     More wasp like than bee with no fuzz.

Quick shot with the trusty Canon Elph on an afternoon walk mid September at Fair Hill  NRMA.


After some initial photos of flowers and such the rest of the day was a quick walk into the northern section of the area.   A little less traveled part of the park with paths into Pennsylvania.   Followed some trails northward for a bit then turned and headed back on various paths until running into the Orange Loop trail.

Late summer, the leaves starting to fall or turn and the vegetation mostly looking over extended from the long hot summer.   This summer of 2016 is probably the most sustained hot dry summer since I have been in the mid-Atlantic region.

Attempted some shots of orange butterflies on purple flowers.    Less than successful for the most part with the sometimes wayward auto=focusing of the Elph.   But a couple goods ones for the effort.



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