Looking in a completely different direction when I saw dark shape drop out of the sky to the side.  Swung around and snapped.   Snapped another, but the second one was blurry.   By that time he had risen back up in front of the houses in the background and the autofocus helpfully brought the houses on the shore into sharp focus

Oh well, it was a lucky grab shot.

Renton, WA




This is cropped from a photo of one the floating houses in Victoria Canada.   The picture of the house was OK.  If you live in a floating house that attracts a lot of tourist attention, I suppose the natural inclination is to paint it a bright color.  But, the reflections in the water caught my attention when I was looking at it later.

totalReflection totalReflectionRS

This cropping is the complete reflection.   The one on the left is rotated so the reflection is upside down.   We expect reflections to be oriented opposite from reality so the rotated one has a funny feel to it.

Big Cypress bird

Big Cypress Preserve, Florida. April 2016.


This guy was sitting in the tree with his quizzical look at a campground in early April. Shot on a Nikon D7100 and then cropped and dodged just a bit in the face. I liked the shot, and wish I had had a flash or reflector to brighten him up a bit.

I like Big Cypress quite a bit. I was an interesting place with the birds, grass and gators.



nikon-1I like these ferns coming out of the shadow.    I took this shot at several different exposures;  from overexposed to almost black.     I think I like the contrast of this one, although maybe some more background might help.

It’s almost monochromatic.  Tried it as a BW in Lightroom and that has possibilities but I think the monochromatic green works better.

I think is more a photo to play around with for the possibilities than anything else.    I’ll put up another version.

It was shot in an old growth forest in Pennsylvannia, (aka some hard to get to trees they forgot to cut down.)


Bird Rummaging

CanonXT-1As I was scanning through the Lightroom library, this little guy caught my eye.    Cropped from a handheld shot with the zoom cranked all the way out to the end of its range at 300, its not the sharpest image.   But, I kind of like the positioning of the bird, so here it is.

More than anything else, it just inspires me to try and capture a better version.   This one was from January 2011.