Mount St Helens

This little guy was on the road to Windy Ridge at Mount St Helens on the eastern side.  Unfortunately, the road was closed about half way up.   Forest Service said there was too much road damage further on.   Judging from the road condition prior to that point they have some broad criteria for “too damaged.”

Anyway the point where the road was closed was at the point where some of the most famous photos of the eruption were captured.

He was up about 30 feet in the tree.   I was near the far edge of the zoom.   He was jumping around.    Should have probably stopped down a bit and switch to manual focus.    Autofocus was more interested in the fir needles, of course.   But, there he is.


Blackbirds on the eastern shore

Took a little drive into the Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge on Maryland’s eastern shore.   This is a Chesapeake Bay island managed as a wildlife refuge.

Among the mosquitoes and biting flies you can spot a variety of birds.       Watched this red wing blackbird for while as he sat in the pine tree.


Sometimes you just have a itch that has to be scratched.



Sometimes you just have to spread the tail feathers and sing out.Blackbird-3


And keep a close eye while in the marsh.


Conowingo Dam

Below Conowingo dam in northeast Maryland you can often count on some good photographic opportunities.   depending on the time of year there are bald eagles in lesser or greater numbers.  And you can almost always count on the blue herons to make an appearance.

And since toll avoidance mode routes around to the Conowingo, it is a frequent stop for me.

Just before Sunset in September

conowingo0916-0539 conowingo0916-0541

You’ll almost always see a heron or 2 standing in the shallows waiting for a fish.

I post processed this one to drastically enhance the contrast and silhouette the big bird.


Mr Bee

When I was a kid we called these sweat bees.   Or, at least something that was very similar.     More wasp like than bee with no fuzz.

Quick shot with the trusty Canon Elph on an afternoon walk mid September at Fair Hill  NRMA.


After some initial photos of flowers and such the rest of the day was a quick walk into the northern section of the area.   A little less traveled part of the park with paths into Pennsylvania.   Followed some trails northward for a bit then turned and headed back on various paths until running into the Orange Loop trail.

Late summer, the leaves starting to fall or turn and the vegetation mostly looking over extended from the long hot summer.   This summer of 2016 is probably the most sustained hot dry summer since I have been in the mid-Atlantic region.

Attempted some shots of orange butterflies on purple flowers.    Less than successful for the most part with the sometimes wayward auto=focusing of the Elph.   But a couple goods ones for the effort.



who’s a good spider

I was checking out the Boyd big tree preserver in Pennsylvania.   I had my Canon 7D and 60mm macro lens.

Planned to take some closeups of flowers in the meadows, etc.   But , it was a hot day as most of summer 2016 has been and I was dripping sweat.  So, stopping in the sunny meadows was less than inviting.

Back in the trees, I did see these fungi on some downed branches.  So, tree fungus pictures.  But, who is that hiding underneath?



There he is.


And now he comes out to play.